apparently being called a “jive turkey” is a bad thing. is it against the rules to poop during an olympic event? Kim Jo Yung, Kim Jong Un’s sister, is a woke bae af. Vitas is the pop star we all deserve. Shawn White molts his cicada-like skin every summer. Jennifer Lawrence is a lizard. also best band ever known is P.O.D.

wassup wassup we back at it again and in this here episode, we talk about dragon tales and the summoning properties of children’s cartoon devices. also black mirror fucked me up. trump gotta booty that got all the boys cooked. also we delve into the long believed conspiracy that General Tso/Gao was a double agent working for Genghis Khan who is facing a fierce attack from The Colonel and his loyal minions

hey guess what. we talk about food again. and were gonna talk about it next week. seems to be the kick we’re on. uhhhhh strawberry shortcake popsicles are elite. easter candy is categorically worse than anything. are marshmallows candy? apparently yeah but i got upset. also you could def use go-gurt wrappers to hang yourself. hop on down to a Tim Hortons and get a coffee, eh?

the internet isnt going to be free anymore. enjoy this podcast while you can. die hard isnt a christmas movie. me and adam are going to marry sophia the robot. amorin is really upset that me and adam are gonna be screwing an oversized roomba. native americans need to bring back scalping