yeah so this one was a really weird one. going into it all you need to know is that we had adam’s sister try out being on the podcast and i go absolutely nuts when baker mayfield gets put into the game. im sure we talked about some other stuff but we kept getting distracted by the tv.

we say goodbye to Calvin in this episode because he is moving away to Texas 🙁
so yeah we go over pornstars. for like a long time. also reminisce over our completely misplaced fantasies of sleeping with our teachers. what tv shows movies would make good musicals? alien abductions but the probing is consensual. Xzibit pimps our country. also before the wines and pabs we get super deep about things we look for in women.

in no standard order this was a weird one for sure. uhh for starters what if there was an anime about cougars. y’know. milfs. man vs food but he exclusively eats chicken wings as if hes performing oral sex. big ol’ discussion about kick ass verne troyer. also for some reason we bring up the armenian genocide. but like, tastefully, but also not really.
pabs and bois ofc

so apparently theres a formula to our episodes that my brother Mike has brought to my attention to see if you can play bingo, well, connect four i guess.

1. start the ep mid sentence
2. roast amo for something
3. overly long explanation from a wiki article
4. riley the dog makes herself known

“this one isnt too bad” -Roger Ebert
so yeah quick rundown here. we talk in depth about an ass sweat collection machine. flavored condoms go through the Jag Tank. we find weird ways to pick up girls with dinosaur names. we dive into trump’s diet. and some other shit but thats the goodies. of course a recap of the weeks pabs and bois

CALVINS BACK BABBYYYY. we drank a shit ton of wine in this one too. in this essay we’ll discuss white people shit. also calvin royally fucks up a sponsorship. Australia is the balls of the earth. the future of christmas lists. also we take a test to find out if we have big dick energy. pabs and bois methinks.

heyya how you doin. we started off immediately talking about eating baby placentas so you know this ones good. can you feed yourself through your belly button? we invent Boat Nuts. also which celebrity sex tape was your first? amo is talking about robots again. remember buying embarassing graphic tees when you were a kid? we discuss the real shape of the earth. finally, we invent the best product known to man, Appleshots. pabs and bois of course.

amo goes on a tirade because we made fun of Eminem which leads us to discuss the sexual behaviors of the M&M’s. we go over trump’s food choices. then we kinda went on a tangent about us presidents. mewtwo has ball fingers and we uncovered a brand new super specific fetish. we dip into Dave Coulier’s sex life. Kanye is flying people to Wyoming and we talk about how horrible Wyoming is. shrek on netflix with descriptive audio is funny and also we talk about the elusive Cheech Chong. of course usual pabs and bois